a summer ghost story



John Barber
Hazel Gould
Mia Theil Have

A new opera from the RPS Award winning creative team behind

"We Are Shadows", 5* The Times

Supported by PRS for Music Foundation and Aldeburgh Music

UNQUIET a summer ghost story

A long summer in a forgotten house. A beach that stretches for miles. Two girls looking for a friendship that will last forever. Can we walk away from our history, or will the ghosts of the past become too strong to ignore?


As Charlotte and her mum navigate the stormy waters of family, friendship, loyalty and growing up, a dark history is revealed which threatens to change everything.


Unquiet is a new opera by composer John Barber and writer Hazel Gould specifically for  teenage audiences (KS3). We deal with the huge emotions of grand opera, love, death, family and revenge in an intimate setting, inviting audiences to be close to the voices, characters and story.

Opera has made huge inroads into work for young audiences, from the youngest babies up to the end of KS2 and ‘family pieces’, but we feel there is an unexamined area when looking at work designed specifically for a young adult audience. Opera houses and theatres seem to find this age-group risky to program for. We are very much inspired by YA fiction, which engages young audiences by directly addressing the concerns of the audience/reader, but places them in a fantastical environment.  We feel that opera is an ideal art-form to do something similar. By bringing a young audience into a small performance space, up close to young singers, and by telling a story that is relevant and engaging we think that Unquiet has the potential to challenge perceptions of who opera is for.