Actor Mia Theil Have

Director Tage Larsen 

In association with Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

This is a 60 minutes entertaining and in depth work demonstration of the actor’s training and dramaturgy. It gives a look behind the scenes, into the early formation of the actor and laborious journey to the stage performances step by step by step...





Previous performances include Rose Bruford College 2013, Teatro Vascello Rome 2014, Aarhus University 2014, King David’s College 2014, Manchester Metropolitan University 2015, FILTE Bahia Festival, 2017.


Step by Step by Step

Demonstrates fragments of training forms, to highlight the different principles of the actors's physical and vocal training, as seen in the theatre anthropology. It invites the viewer to see the journey from a technical exercise to an expression of the actor's body mind imagination.
A phase where the actor creates physical and vocal sequences, drawing on inspiration from various aesthetics such as poetry, artworks, dance and various genres and styles of music and theatre. The sequences are created with a personal logic for the actor, a dramaturgy, and naturally incorporates the principles of the training which the actor embodies.
The composed sequences are used in the context of first stage of scene work. The actor's individual dramaturgy is added another 'layer' to – when the compositions are combined with a dramatic text, a comedy, a tragedy, a song, with an object or performed as a dance with music.



Mia’s work introducing students to the training methodologies of Odin Teatret has been invaluable in allowing students to develop their practical understanding of the ways in which training can shape the perception of the performer, as well as their physical and vocal skills. Students found Mia an excellent tutor, inspiring their work in the studio through her thorough and generous attitude to their development.”

Thomas Wilson, Module/Year Coordinator European Theatre Arts Rose Bruford College 2013.

Performance at FILTE Bahia Festival
Performance at FILTE Bahia Festival
Performance at FILTE Bahia Festival
Performance at FILTE Bahia Festival
Manchester Metropolitan University
Teatro Vascello Rome
Teatro Vascello Rome
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Questioning through words, music, pictures, movement, people